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State-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reporter Lenard Monkman took to social media to seemingly lament that the assassination attempt against President Donald Trump on July 13th failed.

Corey Comperatore, 50, a Former Fire Chief for Buffalo Township, PA, was killed.

David Dutch,57, and James Copenhaver, 74, were wounded and are reportedly in stable condition.

According to Rebel News, Monkman wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post, “It was a good day. Could have been better, but still a good day.”   

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He also allegedly shared a meme showing a man shrugging in disappointment with the caption, “The entire world at one guy on 13 July 2024.” 

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A spokesperson for CBC  told True North they condemn the posts and do not endorse the views expressed.

True North reports:

CBC’s head of public affairs Chuck Thompson told True North that Monkman does not speak for the public broadcaster, and the network strongly condemns the content of these posts.

True North asked the CBC whether the posts violated the CBC’s journalistic standards and practices and whether any disciplinary measures would be taken against Monkman.

“Any HR matters involving our employees are kept private,” said Thompson.

True North collected some of the most egregious examples celebrating coming from our friends to the North on the attempted assassination of a U.S. presidential candidate.


Members of the Conservative Party in Canada have called for the Liberal government to defund the CBC.

Whereas the CBC undercuts private sector and independent media and competes for advertising space while receiving more than $1 billion in direct taxpayer subsidies.

And whereas the CBC mostly provides opinions and coverage that are widely available in a free and competitive media marketplace.

Therefore, be it resolved that we call on this Liberal government to defund the CBC to save taxpayer dollars and ensure a free and competitive press in the Canadian media landscape.

I can’t wait to defund the CBC and sell off the headquarters for housing.

Sign here to defund the CBC:

— Pierre Poilievre (@PierrePoilievre) July 16, 2024

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